A.J. on the Issues

Public Safety

AJ Renold's career has been focused on protecting those who cannot protect themselves, often working with law enforcement, emergency management, and fire departments. She now works to improve communication in emergencies and disasters at Texas A&M University. AJ is devoted to understanding the needs of first responders and will work to support the brave men and women who keep us safe. AJ will fight to improve the livability of rental properties. Cities that implement proactive code enforcement policies can see a 50% decrease in home fires, saving millions of dollars in first-responder resources.

Quality of Life

AJ's history of service is aimed at improving the quality of life for all in Bryan, TX. She supports the initiatives in place to revitalize neighborhoods and improve connectivity throughout the city. She believes in the preservation of historically significant landmarks while also embracing the growth and new development planned for the city. She will work to enhance the unique characteristics of all communities by investing in healthy, safe, and walkable neighborhoods.


As an experienced communicator, AJ understands the value of effective communication to constituents. She will institute regular communication with residents of SMD5 utilizing multiple channels of communication. AJ wants to hear from you. She wants residents to be informed and involved with the future of Bryan. AJ has a proven ability to mobilize the community through communication and collaboration with government agencies.


AJ has spent her career serving our community. She will work to ensure the City of Bryan maintains and protects our neighborhoods.